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Welcome to the Passion for Perfection web site!  We are a provider of achievement games, programs and products
Rene (Rex) Resurreccion
Author, Called to Excel; Power to Create Righteous Wealth

History of Passion for Perfection
Passion for Perfection was registered on October 23, 1991. In 1995, Rex had a dream which said that he is a prophetic businessman. On August 1, 1995, he resigned from his job in a multinational company and went fulltime in business. During the first year of operation, he served local clients. From 1996 to date, he and his wife Anji traveled to more than twelve countries in Asia-Pacific, Africa, South America and Europe conducting various programs. In 1999, they released their first development game called Entrefarm. In 2000, they published their first book entitled Passion for Energizers. In 2003, their Lipa farm called "Prayer Valley," located at the foot of scenic Mt. Malarayat, was officially opened as a venue for teambuilding, strategic planning, campsite, and other training activities

Passion for Perfection Philosophy

We envsion Passion for Perfection as the most widely known and competent organization promoting attitudinal and professional excellence in the country.

We aim to develop the attitudinal and professional excellence of the Filipino citizens and organizations to spur the country to world-class excellence.

To achieve this corporate vision and mission, we commit ourselves to practice with consistency these core values and principles"

1. Professionalism - Expertise and mastery of our work
2. Drive for excellence - Walking the extra mile
3. Positive work attitude - Love for work, mission and people
4. Customer delight - Service to our clients with utmost duty
5. Discipline - Consistency in doing what is right and wise
6. Patriotism - Giving of our best for the sake of the country
7. Righteousness - Commitment to the highest ethical standards for the glory of God

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